How to schedule on the nth Work Day

Even though IBM Workload Scheduler has lots of built-in run cycle settings (like 6th-day-of-the-month, or 2nd-Wednesday), these do not accommodate work days. To do that, you must use two calendars:

  1. HOLIDAYS, to record company free days (holidays). This calendar can use a different name, but Holidays is the default; you change this calendar annually to reflect the non-working days.
  2. MONTHEND, to record the last day of the month (or, if preferred, the last workday). It can also use a different name, and you can add many years (through 2032, for example) with few clicks.

Next, you create run cycles using the MONTHEND calendar and an offset. For example to schedule 3rd work day, use ON MONTHEND + 2 WORKDAYS.