27 Apr 2016

Add this code to /opt/IBM/JazzSM/profile/registry/TdwcGlobalSettings.xml

13 Apr 2016

One of the most common requests is for Workload Scheduler to send the output of jobs ended in error to a user. The built-in event-driven workload automation module seems well-suited to the task. However, there are a few problems.

9 Mar 2016

Here's how to schedule around the Canadian holiday celebrating Queen Victoria's birthday.

30 Jan 2016

I'm using fail2ban to keep the bandits off my server. It's great!
But there are so many bots that just keep poking at the server that I want to permanently ban them after a few repeated attempts.

6 Jan 2016

Here's a small script I wrote to wait until no jobs are running in Workload Scheduler.

10 Dec 2015

I've been looking for a way to give my students occasional access to system administration functions of the Linux-based servers.

23 Nov 2015

Want to ssh to one of your Workload Scheduler agents, but don't remember the nodename or hostname? Or, you know the name, but workstation name is much shorter? Try this:

20 Nov 2015

We saw this question on one of the online Workload Scheduler forums recently.

19 Nov 2015

The Arduino package contains an IDE that can be used to develop and upload code to the micro-controller. A current arduino package is available in the repositories of most Linux distributions (Ubuntu and Fedora, anyway).

19 Nov 2015

I couldn't find the preferences menu for Nautilus file manager in Gnome 3. But the gsettings command works :-)

To set the default sort order to the file name:

gsettings set org.gnome.nautilus.preferences default-sort-order name

To show directories first: